OK, so we are a little biased here at DFC, but arguably one of the most popular services we provide (for good reason) is our DJ/Saxophone combo and it is BRILLIANT!

The saxophone is such a gorgeous and distinctive sounds and it’s super versatile too, bringing to life any drinks reception, wedding breakfast or making your evening reception feel like a club.

A Daytime Saxophone Player

The first way you can involve a live saxophone into your wedding is in the daytime. You can utilise a live saxophonist during your drinks reception, wedding breakfast and the interlude before your evening reception starts.

A live solo saxophonist will play over a pre-agreed playlist of music from Motown to dance – whatever it is that you fancy. There’s also scope to play a more classic style with music from the 30s and 40s jazz era which often goes down well at drinks receptions. Think jazz cocktail music.

Alternatively, many couples are opting for an Ibiza chillout vibe with a live sax playing over the best sun kissed soundtrack. Think Cafe Del Mar or Cafe Mambo at sunset. Just truly atmospheric and awesome.

During your wedding breakfast, your saxophonist can set up in a specified area of the room, or you can choose for them to interact and play at the tables.

If you have a DFC wedding host looking after your wedding breakfast, you might want to turn up the energy after the desserts and start the party early with the help of the right music that your guests will love and find unable to stay sat down for!

After the wedding breakfast, whether you’re heading outdoors to mingle with guests or retreating to a bar or lounge area, your DFC saxophonist can continue the musical accompaniment to these parts of the day too.

An Evening Saxophone Player

One real element of surprise that guests really react well to, is the shock appearance of a saxophonist during the first dance, or just afterwards. This works really well if you keep it under wraps from your guests. They don’t expect it at all and that live sound and presence of the skilled musician really gets people in the mood to get up on the dance floor and interact.

The DFC Club Set Up With Saxophone

At DFC, we’ve long encouraged the ‘after party’ which starts with a false finish. We play a fake final song, say thank you to the guests and let them know that the sound is about to be taken up a notch and the music the couple love will be blasting through the speakers for the final hour to the finish.

For those guests who are older, or those with young children it has worked really well with many of them using it as the perfect moment to say goodnight to the happy couple and retreat to their rooms or awaiting taxis.

We also enhance the after-party experience with the look and feel of our set up. Using our vast experience of DJing in clubs all over the world, we have created a new and specific evening reception look which we’ve called ‘The DFC Club’ set up.

The DFC Club set up sees the house lights go down, and the club lights go up. Roving and moving lights, uplights, light up towers and stylish backdrops really set the scene. There’s also a special platform for a live saxophonist to take the stage and turn your wedding reception into the best, most personalised club night of your life.

Live Music at Your Wedding

If you would like to come to our Lancashire HQ and chat about your wedding and how our Artists by DFC musicians can really bring your wedding day to life, get in touch. You can book an appointment directly with Jamie Turner, our Artists by DFC entertainment manager here. Alternatively, give us a call on 01772 733337 or look out on our social media for updates on the next wedding fairs and events we will be attending.