That moment where you’re just about to walk down the aisle, you’re all dressed and ready is one you’ll never forget. The stressful planning days are gone, and the day you’ve been dreaming about for years is about to start.

Deep breath.

That instantly recognisable, sophisticated sound starts.

A slow, gentle pull across the strings and that initial note resonates from the room where your true love awaits.

The hairs on the back of your neck and arms stands to attention. 

It is time.

 Credit: Christopher Lewis Photography

There’s nothing as spine-tingling as the sound of a string quartet as you walk down the aisle to make the biggest commitment of your life. If you’ve not had the privilege of attending a wedding where a string quartet has provided the perfect background music, you’ve missed a treat.

That incredible sound does something to the senses!

A string quartet evokes emotion, romance, love and makes these stand-out wedding day moments somewhat cinematic. A string quartet isn’t just a wonderful journey of senses, it is sophisticated, delicate, intricate and cultured bringing ambience to the room.



The string quartet sound is also extremely versatile taking those in earshot through many genres of music. It doesn’t just have to be the best of Bach. Our highly skilled and talented string musicians can also put that complex string sound to modern pop, dance and RnB music for something that feels uniquely personal to you both.


A string quartet is perfect for your wedding ceremony, drinks reception and for the audio accompaniment to your wedding breakfast. With no additional equipment needed, our string quartets can also be where your guests want to relax and easily play outdoors on a beautiful day. 


All of our Artists by DFC musicians are hand-picked by us for their flair, showmanship, talent and experience. Our string artists have graduated from some of the most well respected international music and performance colleges and work full time as musicians. This means you benefit from true musical professionals who have years of experience in making weddings sound incredible. They’re also constantly observing the rapid changes in modern day weddings, innovating with new, exciting musical ideas and trends to weddings. 


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