You’ve got the ring, it’s time to find a venue. How many venues will you see, how many miles will you travel, and how many brochures will you peruse looking for that “perfect fit” you’ve always imagined?
You put so much effort into finding the perfect setting for your wedding day, but do you put as much effort into finding the perfect wedding entertainment?
A staggering amount of couples do not “shop around” for their wedding DJ with the same fervour they do for almost everything else for their wedding day. Or, they leave this until the last minute and don’t really budget for entertainment.
This seems ludicrous considering that your wedding entertainment is a large part of the success of the day, in the memories of yourself and your guests. Music highly influences the mood of the day, determining if your party is vibrant and fun with a packed out dance floor, or a damp squib.
Think back to some of the best weddings you have attended, what is it that sticks in your mind? Is it the flower arrangements in the church? The vol au vents? The large hat on the Mother of the Bride? I’ll eat that hat if that’s the case.
No, I bet it’s the party afterwards, the first dance, the “Oh I LOVE this song!” moments and the hours you spent dancing with your friends.
The DJ at those weddings were, in the main, responsible for those fantastic memories that you have, which is why choosing the right wedding DJ for YOUR wedding is crucial.
At DFC, we like to do things differently and we have vast experience of knowing what makes a wedding incredible. It’s the reason why we have a team of talented, highly skilled wedding hosts who bring that modern-day compere and control to your day. Your DFC wedding host has it covered.
What does a wedding host do?
The role of wedding host is one that covers many bases, but think of them as a high energy, caring, attentive and personal host for the day. Your DFC wedding host guides you and your guest on the journey of your dream day in the following way:
Meeting and greeting guestsBuilding rapport with guests (which ensures an amazing party later in the evening)Helping settle nerves ahead of the all important speechesIntroducing you and your wedding party to specially selected music Keeping the energy high during the wedding breakfastStarting the party early (if that’s what you both want?!)Curating memorable moments during your wedding breakfast that you and your guests will treasure foreverWorking with your suppliers like photographers and videographers to create the most perfectly orchestrated first dance momentTaking care of the music at your wedding reception partyHosting an ‘after party’ of your favourite music late into the nightCreating a finale stand-out moment with the ultimate meaningful song of your choice