When handing over the all-important wedding entertainment to a company, what can you expect?With your wedding day being one of the most emotional and financially important days of your life, it’s vital that you engage the services of a full team of suppliers who will care about your wedding as much as you do.When it… Read more »

Making sure your dance floor is alight, all through the night, is an easy task for your DFC DJ. We have many years of experience under our belt and instinctively know how to read a crowd and entertain with the right music. The DFC process also involves us getting to know about you and your… Read more »

It was all thanks to YOU! Image courtesy of Teresa C PhotographyYou might remember back in April and May we were appealing for our brides and grooms of the past to recognise the hard work that DFC do in ensuring weddings are memorable. We simply asked our couples to vote for us in the Great… Read more »

Sentimental songs of 2007 Was 2007 the year you and your other half met or got together? If it was, your DFC wedding host or DJ will most probably get you to explore that first exciting year and devise some perfect audio accompaniment to your wedding day that has some sentimental meaning. 2007 was the… Read more »

Will your first dance be like this? The lights go dim, your heart is racing, a sea of loving faces circle around you, cameras and phones in hand. The photographer is poised and ready, waiting. You hear the bassy tones of your DFC DJ speaking, announcing you and your new husband. “Husband!” you think to… Read more »

If you love us, (or like us a bit), you’ll want to click this link……and help us be recognised for our hard work!We know that lots of companies plead, beg and practically hold your children to ransom until you vote for them in their latest awards shortlist. Sorry, we are about to join that club…. Read more »

UK Wedding entertainment specialists, DFC, partnered with James’ Places to deliver a spectacular wedding entertainment showcase, set in the backdrop of the stylish and romantic Mitton Hall in Lancashire.As a leading provider of UK wedding entertainment including professional DJs, presenters, musicians, lighting and flooring, DFC has recently rebranded from Dancefloor Couture to DFC with an… Read more »